Winning his Crowdfunding campaign

INCLUDED in the Training «Become a Musician Entrepreneur« 

Artists: Here's how to succeed your crowdfunding!

Ready to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund your musical project?

A crowdfunding campaign funds a musical project: Album, EP, Clip
And other projects we're talking about in this workshop.

BUT! So many campaigns do not reach the end of their goal...
And so many artists don't know how to build this campaign:
– What budget?
– What communication?
– How to attract donors?
– Which platform to choose?
– What consideration do you offer?

This is what we will see in this training to help you succeed your crowdfunding campaigns!


Intermittents, Music artists, Performers, Musical producers, artistic project promoter, labels, managers.


About the trainer

I am Guilaine Robin, Musician, Author Composer. I am also the author of the books "The Essentials of Musicians' Rights", "Digital Communication and Social Networks in Music" and "Emailing for Artists". He regularly held workshops with SMACS in France, and the Music Business course at the Music Academy International.

I know the scene. I know the music world. I know your doubts. I know your fears. I know your joys. I know your blockages. Because what you feel and live, I also felt and lived. Until I decide to move, train, advance, understand the system to finally develop my network and my musical activity.

This training program helps you start and grow your project. With the DIY Musician community to help each other, and regular live performances. You're no longer alone. We're moving together! If you're a manager, or a label that will accompany artists? This training will also suit you, it is totally adaptable.

Training in 5 modules – 1h20


Module 1: Presentation of the Module

MODULE 2: Successful crowdfunding campaign

Recognize crowdfunding platforms
Understanding what crowdfunding and associated regulation is
Defining human and financial needs
Plan your campaign
Disseminating its campaign
Promoting its campaign

Module 3: Examples of campaigns

Several examples of campaigns by type of objectives: album sale, financing of clips, etc.

Module 4: Resources and Tools

Bonus: SDRM request for physical pressing

SDRM is a OBLIGATORY approach when you produce a Physical CD. The declaration will be requested by the press companies and in case of control, you must submit it. So what is this statement and how to make it?

Form wherever you want, whenever you want and whatever you want

Training is online. Accessible 24/24.


  • You are formed by Guilaine Robin, Author Composer Performed for some twenty years, leader of the label Guils Records. She knows the musical milieu and will accompany you

  • Guil


  • Practice-based operational training with theoretical input
  • Practical training: exchange of experience, analysis and case studies
  • Digital +: possibility of returning to modules, access to updates, possible computer training, tablet or mobile.
53 opinions on
nathalie ballarini
nathalie ballarini
Excellent training on marketing and musical promotion!
Jan Yuri
Jan Yuri
Integral, invested and caring trainer. The trainings she offers are neat, sometimes fun (The Challenges) and really rewarding. I recommend if like me you don't know much about this music industry and you wonder where to start!
Nathalie Samiut
Nathalie Samiut
Always smiling listening I've been Guil for many years That's good
Charles Henry
Charles Henry
Relevant information and training, to the taste of the day. Thanks for what you bring to DIY musicians!!
Rebecca N.
Rebecca N.
I am Guilaine's formations since the Pandémie, am her Newsletter, her free content on her various social networks (blog, little live news, stories...), participates in the monthly meetings of the DIY musicians community... and what a breath of fresh air! Guilaine and all the comma that gravitates around her are ultra benevolent and reboot when faced with so many questions facing the artistic world (what to do and when to promote her art, receive different approaches and adapted to its content, have concrete solutions and not ridiculous promises). Paid content is well achieved (training, books), useful, and financially accessible. Guilaine is in the care of her, and she answers our questions. There are even working groups on its platform in case you need to motivate yourself to work with others. We share information, we exchange information. That's what's missing in the music world. Guilaine is also known for defending our rights, trying to fully understand the laws. On her scale, she tries to make a difference. Thanks to her for all her quality content and advice. If today I am intermittent from the show, it is partly thanks to its formations!
yvan sanchis
yvan sanchis
Strong, comprehensive and concrete training. Guilaine is available and her answers are relevant. Finally, listening, exchanges and advice at the service of the independent musician.....and in French. To advise with confidence!
Very interesting the Challenge Youtube Ads. Guilaine is very pedagogue and vulgarizes things. For quick and efficient grip, which gives results +924 views +6 subscribers : )
Antoine Gueillet
Antoine Gueillet
The formation of Guil's Records is very comprehensive and focused on the current musical system and the world of music. But what I particularly enjoyed is the common sense of the words and especially the loyalty of Guilaine who knows the music and the musicians, here no blabla, no "magic tricks" or winning formula. No, we go up the sleeves, we take on marketing, we work for results, with honesty and integrity, with today's tools. Frankly, thank you, it feels good, it's motivating.
Laurent ROMARY /// Author - composer
Laurent ROMARY /// Author - composer
Quality coaching. Everything is done in simplicity and conviviality. I highly recommend!

Do you have any questions about Guils Records, DIY Musicians, services and training? Find the answers in the DIY MUSICIAN FAQ


Do you have any questions about Guils Records, DIY Musicians, services and training? Find the answers in the DIY MUSICIAN FAQ


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