Become a Musician Entrepreneur

Give your music a chance

    Lightweight and adapted version for musicians established outside France (Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium etc.)

    Complete training to Create and Develop Your Professional Activity and Become a Musician Entrepreneur

    All themes for success

    • Musical Marketing,
    • Gaining revenue from Music,
    • Streaming,
    • Music release strategies
    • Fanbase
    • Promotion
    • Online advertising,
    • Booking,
    • Financing, etc.

    Adapted even for beginners

    Pedagogical training to allow you to start from 0 or develop new skills to succeed your musical projects.

    The private community to be no longer alone.

    Access to the private community: the private group is a group of exchange, motivation, sharing of news and news about the music community.

    It's decided, you want to start and manage your music activity in freelance?

    You decided togive your music a chance ?

    You are determined to know the practical methods and strategies for:

    • distributeyour music on the platforms ofstreaming
    • Master theonline advertisingon Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
    • finally having realsubscribers, realviewson your clips
    • earn money and income with music
    • DogrowandLoyaltyyourHearing(orfanbase)
    • know howfinancingyour musical project thanks, among other things, to thecrowdfundingwith a methodeffective 

    You're in the right place!

    Video presentation

    Most of this training course

    E-learning: Follow the training at your own pace and start when you want (excluding funding) + lifetime access to updates.

    Training practice, concrete and realistic.

    Feedback from experience experts to save time

    Everything presented in the training has been tested

    Digital +s: ability to return to modules, access updates, workable computer training, tablet or mobile.

    🏆 In addition:

    Access to challenges organised each year at preferential prices

    1 30-minute coaching offered

    ACCOMPANYING during the Monthly Lives with DIY Musicians

    Access to the private space with exchanges, collaborations, springboard/concert announcements etc.

    Your trainer

    Guilaine robin leader guil's records and creator of the DIY musicians community

    I am Guilaine Robin, Musician, Author Composer. I am also the author of the books "The Essentials of Musicians' Rights", "Digital Communication and Social Networks in Music" and "Emailing for Artists". He regularly held workshops with SMACS in France, and the Music Business course at the Music Academy International.

    I know the scene. I know the music world. I know your doubts. I know your fears. I know your joys. I know your blockages. Because what you feel and live, I also felt and lived. Until I decide to move, train, advance, understand the system to finally develop my network and my musical activity.

    This training program helps you start and grow your project. With the DIY Musician community to help each other, and regular live performances. You're no longer alone. We're moving together! If you're a manager, or a label that will accompany artists? This training will also suit you, it is totally adaptable.

    Content presentation

    Videos + Practical documents, case studies and demonstrations to become an entrepreneur of your music, find your fans, promote your music, book your concerts and live music.


    In this module, you will know how to find your audience to become your fanbase!

    Objectives: Find his musical message and his universe; know who its audience is, where to find it and how to communicate with it; know the levers to develop your audience Presentation of the Knowledge your audience module and develop it Resources and Tools


    Monetize his Musical Project and generate revenues with music

    Objectives: Understand what sources of revenue are possible for her musical project, whether you are an author, composer and/or performer.

    Throughout the training, we see many strategies and methods to get a feedback on your investments. In this module, I propose every possible way to earn money with music.


    In this module, you will know everything about online advertising with Facebook and Instagram!

    You will know how to choose the right goals, to bring your audience into your universe! 

    Objectives: To understand the operation of advertising, and the stages of converting a hearing; know the advertising objectives; set up its promotion via the Facebook advertising platform to develop its visibility and activity


    MODULE 3: Developing your mailing list of fans

    In this module, I show you how to register your fans to your email base! I challenge you and do it for you, sharing my results.

    Objectives: Understand each step of developing an email list with your audience; Set up an effective system to develop your email list.


    MODULE 4: YOUTUBE ads to promote your video clips

    In this module, I show you all about advertising on Youtube! How to promote a video clip, how to have new subscribers, how to boost your clip on release, how to make a good trailer.

    Objectives: To understand the operation of advertising, and the stages of converting a hearing; know the advertising objectives; set up its promotion via the Google ads advertising platform to develop its visibility and activity, and promote its music clips

    8:20 a.m.

    MODULE 5: Streaming, Promotion, Musical release

    In this module, you will finally know how to choose your digital distributor to put your music on Spotify, Apple, Deezer and others; You will learn how to set up an output backplanning, choose the right release strategy, and promote your music online!

    Objectives: To understand the issues involved in streaming; Distribute music on online platforms; Develop its audience and the visibility of its music through streaming; prepare the release of your music; turning your advertising expenses into revenues



    In this module you will have all the elements in hand to make a successful crowdfunding campaign!

    Objectives: Understand how a crowdfunding campaign works; know the relevant legislation; putting in place an effective action plan to succeed its campaign Presentation of the Module Successful crowdfunding campaign Examples of campaigns Resources and tools Bonus: SDRM request for physical pressing



    How to approach to find concert dates? What stamp do you need? How to become a PRO from cooking.

    Objectives: To know the market players to whom to sell your musical performances; know the different contracts; know how to negotiate its stamp; know how to approach your customers



    In this last module, we conclude on training, test the skills and knowledge acquired. You will also be able to evaluate the training organization and the training to enable us to improve it and ensure your satisfaction.


    • Comprehensive promo process + presentation of several strategies to implement
    • Partners
    • List of Recommended Books
    • List of useful tools, sites and applications
    • Effectiveness on social networks
      330 ideas for Publications on Social Networks
    • Use of new social networks
    • Discovery of livestream music
      Online concerts for beginners
    • Bandcamp: sell your music online – TUTO
    • Comparison of CD pressing companies
    • Tips for filtering labels, labels, press attachés, promotion agencies
    • 7 strategies to reach 100K views on your clip
    • 5 alternatives to the big budget clip
    • 21 ways to earn money with music
    • Organize a contest game
    • And many others

    Training in detail

    Target audiences - Who is this training for?

    Intermittents, Music Artists, Performers, Musical Producers, Artist Project Leader, Manager and/or Producer


    This training is for you if:

    • You are artist : musician, musician, singer, singer, music producer in MAO ?
    • You accompany artists and wish to train you on these topics
    • You're looking for yourself. structure and how developing your professional activity, whether it is in addition to another activity or live music fully ?
    • You don't know. where to start ?
    • You tested several methods, techniques to develop yourself but didn't give anything?
    • You are looking for clear, simple and accessible methods ?
    • You want save time, and know exactly what to do to increase your visibility and audience (fanbase)?
    • You want to know how earn income with your music ?
    • You don't want to miss your musical outputs ?
    • You want to know how distribute your music online ?
    Duration and prerequisites

    The duration of the training is 8 modules.

    It is advisable to have :
    – Basic knowledge of the use of the computer tool (keyboard, mouse)
    – Knowledge of the basics of Internet use (navigation, search, e-mail)
    – Ability to use digital tools personally
    – Read and write, hear, speak and understand French.

    Objectives of training
    • Understanding and Understanding the Music Industry Ecosystem
    • Identify its target (public) and develop its audience
    • Build a development and promotion strategy
    • Develop audience and visibility with online advertising
    • Build and optimize its advertising strategy for its promotion
    • Set up an automated system to develop its mailing list of fans
    • Understanding the operation of online music distribution and broadcasting its music on platforms
    • Designing backplanning management of his musical project and music release
    • Recovering participative funding to finance its projects
    • Book music performances and pay them
    • Adapting to new tools and technologies related to the music industry to develop skills
    How to register?

    The trainee can purchase the training directly from the site without constraints.

    Educational resources
    • Videos elearning
    • Accompaniment visio (Premium version)
    • Video and text media
    • Theoretical and practical presentations
    • Demonstrations and practice
    • Online availability of supporting documents
    • Provision of a list of useful tools for artists
    • Online note-taking
    • Questions/Responses on-line between trainees and the trainer via the training platform in the form of comments on each chapter
    Technical means

    The training is hosted on
    Accesses are provided to the trainee by e-mail. The intern can create his/her account and choose his/her password.
    ZOOM video conferencing software for live, screen sharing.
    The beneficiary must be equipped with a Windows XP operating system computer (minimum) or Mac OS 10.3 (minimum), an Internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer) and an Internet connection sufficient to play videos online.
    Training available on Computer, Tablet & Smartphone

    Information on the accessibility of training for persons with disabilities

    Training being accessible online does not require physical displacement.
    For any question or need for adaptation, persons with disabilities may contact Guilaine Robin to study the adaptation of the educational modalities according to the announced disability situation.
    Depending on the requests, we will make every effort to look to the specialized partners and study the adaptation of possible means of delivery.

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