Social & Communication Networks for Musicians

New Course on Communication on Social Media!

Depts Digital Communication and Social Networks

How can we effectively use and communicate on social networks Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and others?

After the successful guide "Digital Communication and Social Networks in Music"Here's the online training!


Knowing how to use networks is one thing, using them professionally and communicating in the best way is another thing. And that's all you're going to learn in this training dedicated to musicians and artists.

When you get out, you'll even enjoy it!

We will see:

  • on copywriting on social networks and storytelling to capture attention, engage and communicate to your audience!
  • on types of content to be published on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitch;
  • how the social media algorithms and what you must do to put you forward;
  • how to create your editorial calendar and define your Social Media strategy with the SMART objectives ;
  • how optimize your different networks to make your audience want to come and stay there;
  • how to work on your Branding and Artist Identity;
  • how to refer your videos to YouTube;
  • of the frames to organize you on each social network;
  • and many other things!

Here is an overview of what you will find in the course:

The functioning of algorithms by social media
How to build a message engage to attract your fans
How to engage your audience to grow your fanbase
Recommended optimizations on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn accounts
The basics of digital marketing to give visibility to your music
But also frames to organize your publications on the networks, tips to improve your visibility, boost your fanbase, and more!

    With this course, you will know:

    – on what social network you must spend your energy;

     Capturing attention your audience;

    – how the algorithms ;

    – find the forms of communications Most effective ;

    – the codes for each network to adapt to it and get out of the lot;

    – organize yourself to save time in your publications;

    – what type of content publish.

    Social networks are like a great virtual music scene, where musicians can perform in front of a global audience.

    As on a real stage, performance is important, but even more important is the ability to communicate and interact with the public.

    Like a musician on stage, you can use social media to share your music, connect with your audience, receive constructive comments and reviews, and expand your fan base.

    Social networks offer you a opportunity unique to you connect with your fans and building a community around your music.

    So, as a musician, remember the importance of communication and interaction on social networks. Use them to connect with your audience and share your passion for music with the world.


    With this course, you can become an ace of social networks and digital communication in music, and you will know exactly how to optimize your time and efforts to achieve remarkable results from your audience!

    Wait more and discover all the strings to achieve your goals with this online course.

    Most of this training course

    E-learning: Follow the training at your own pace and start when you want (excluding funding) + lifetime access to updates.

    Training practice, concrete and realistic.

    Feedback from experience experts to save time

    Everything presented in the training has been tested

    Digital +s: ability to return to modules, access updates, workable computer training, tablet or mobile.

    🏆 In addition in the PREMIUM version:

    Access to challenges organised each year at preferential prices

    1 30-minute coaching offered

    ACCOMPANYING during the Monthly Lives with DIY Musicians

    Access to the private space with exchanges, collaborations, springboard/concert announcements etc.

    Your trainer

    Guilaine robin leader guil's records and creator of the DIY musicians community

    I am Guilaine Robin, Musician, Author Composer. I am also the author of the books "The Essentials of Musicians' Rights", "Digital Communication and Social Networks in Music" and "Emailing for Artists". He regularly held workshops with SMACS in France, and the Music Business course at the Music Academy International.

    I know the scene. I know the music world. I know your doubts. I know your fears. I know your joys. I know your blockages. Because what you feel and live, I also felt and lived. Until I decide to move, train, advance, understand the system to finally develop my network and my musical activity.

    This training program helps you start and grow your social networks. With the DIY Musician community to help each other, and regular live performances. You're no longer alone. We're moving together! If you're a manager, or a label that will accompany artists? This training will also suit you, it is totally adaptable.

    Content presentation

    Videos + Practical documents, case studies and demonstrations to become an entrepreneur of your music, find your fans, promote your music, book your concerts and live music.

    Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions (20 m.)

    We take a look at the frequent questions asked about the use of social networks in music, and see some important information to know before starting.

    Direct to Fan (12 m.)

    We see here the new model of the music industry, the importance of Marketing and above all, the importance of your audience (public or fanbase, call it as you like).

    Panorama of Social Networks (25 m.)

    A good use of Social Networks requires a good understanding of their functioning and the use made by your future fans.

    Branding (15 m.)

    We talk about how to define your universe and artistic identity, messages that you will pass on to your social networks.

    Social Media Strategy (78 m.)

    How to define your SMART objectives? How to write your strategy? How to make an editorial calendar? How to choose the networks to use and understand your audience? How to simplify your life for your publications? Here's a taste of what we see in this module.

    Audience and Attention (22 m.)

    To attract your future fans, you need to understand how attention plays a role in their use of social networks. We will also see in this module how to reflect on the content to share to reach your audience at heart.

    Communication (94 m.)

    Digital Communication and Basic Rules: when to publish, what and how? We will also talk about Copywriting and Storytelling to write your content. And we will end up on the frequency of publication and recycling of content.



    +300 content ideas for your social networks

    Demo with ChatGPT to help you write your social publications

    Training in detail

    Target audiences - Who is this training for?

    Intermittents, Music Artists, Performers, Musical Producers, Artist Project Leader, Manager and/or Producer

    Duration and prerequisites

    The duration of the training is 8 hours of videos.

    It is advisable to have :
    – Basic knowledge of the use of the computer tool (keyboard, mouse)
    – Knowledge of the basics of Internet use (navigation, search, e-mail)
    – Ability to use digital tools personally
    – Read and write, hear, speak and understand French.

    Objectives of training

    Develop your visibility on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
    Learn to communicate "digitally"
    Master the basics of Digital Marketing

    • which social network matches you for your project

    • how to contact prospects on the linkedin network

    • how to know your audience and when it is on the web

    • how to assess the engagement of its hearing

    • how to build your branding on your networks

    • how to optimize your pages

    • tools to help you and save time


    At the end, thanks to the implementations, you must be able to:

    • Define a social media strategy related to your business, target audience and business goals
    • Identify social network(s) by comparing their positions on the market
    • Create and design a presentation page on selected social networks
    • Develop an editorial strategy taking into account your qualitative, quantitative and temporal objectives
    • Animate your pages by posting posts
    • Cultivate the e-reputation of your artist brand
    How to register?

    The trainee can purchase the training directly from the site without constraints.

    Educational resources
    • Videos elearning
    • Accompaniment visio (Premium version)
    • Video and text media
    • Theoretical and practical presentations
    • Demonstrations and practice
    • Online availability of supporting documents
    • Provision of a list of useful tools for artists
    • Online note-taking
    • Questions/Responses on-line between trainees and the trainer via the training platform in the form of comments on each chapter
    Technical means

    The training is hosted on
    Accesses are provided to the trainee by e-mail. The intern can create his/her account and choose his/her password.
    ZOOM video conferencing software for live, screen sharing.
    The beneficiary must be equipped with a Windows XP operating system computer (minimum) or Mac OS 10.3 (minimum), an Internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer) and an Internet connection sufficient to play videos online.
    Training available on Computer, Tablet & Smartphone

    Information on the accessibility of training for persons with disabilities

    Training being accessible online does not require physical displacement.
    For any question or need for adaptation, persons with disabilities may contact Guilaine Robin to study the adaptation of the educational modalities according to the announced disability situation.
    Depending on the requests, we will make every effort to look to the specialized partners and study the adaptation of possible means of delivery.

    What the DIY Musicians Say

    And you, what can Guils Records do for you?

    Florian Claude
    Florian Claude
    The trainings offered by Guil are accessible, coherent, very well built, and meet the needs of independent artists to help them maintain this independence and create calmly. Understanding the contemporary mechanics of music publishing is not sexy, that's why I thank her for doing all this work of clarification, computation, and proposing it to us with a real pedagogy without losing the basic essence: the love of music. Thank you very much.
    Charly Lbt
    Charly Lbt
    Thanks to Guil's Records for this Spotify challenge! I recommend 100%. A lot of investment on his part to make artists advance and learn!
    Antoine Thab
    Antoine Thab
    Complete, clear and attractive blog posts. Videos and trainings that are equally so. The enormous added value of Guil's Records over other online content is the strength of experience. We feel that Guilaine tested everything and that it is the fruit of a long journey, connected to the true reality of the life of independent musicians. Without selling us a fake dream, she prosaically explains to us the workings of the music industry, necessary to advance intelligently, without forgetting that the daily problems exceed the only marketing recipes or regulations. As a result, by sharing his experience, knowledge and doubts, Guilaine motivates us, boosts us and pushes us to move in the right direction. In order not to spoil anything, Guilaine is very responsive in her messages, very affordable and very quick to make updates when she is told that some point may have changed since her content was posted online. You will understand: I highly recommend.
    Hyacinthe Chetoui
    Hyacinthe Chetoui
    Go with your eyes closed (and your ears wide open). Good sense, benevolence, availability, feedback, analysis and a noble vision of the work of music, everything is gathered at Guil's Record to offer you trainings in line with your needs as artists, the development of your project, the work on your identity, your image, the management of RS, etc. Everything that will allow you to raise your artistic project in order to flourish and enjoy your activity.
    Emmanuelle Papin Perso
    Emmanuelle Papin Perso
    Guil's Record Guillaine offers a formidable musical marketing expertise combined with incredible generosity and listening! If you are a musician/artist and want to benefit from a turnkey service for the launch and promotion of your musical releases, this is the right address! I highly recommend it!
    Jean Louis Varjet
    Jean Louis Varjet
    I'm listening to podcasts as soon as they come out, watch the videos as soon as I have the notification, just finished a 14-day challenge, and I'm still learning... little tricks, reflexes to have, not to say, it's a job to be an artist. Thanks to Guils for his patience, his involvement, his feedback, his messages, I recommend 1000 percent ..
    Julien Guyot
    Julien Guyot
    Not only is Guil's creative, but she is also an excellent teacher, and will not hesitate to challenge you in order to advance you, and your project. As an artist herself, she knows what she's talking about because she tested the methods before giving them. A reference.
    Sebastien D. Tremblay
    Sebastien D. Tremblay
    an undeniable reference. friendly and practical. simple and effective ideas and tricks
    Arnaud Tock
    Arnaud Tock
    I highly recommend the services of Guilaine. He is a professional person who is fully familiar with musical marketing techniques. Patient, she listens to artists and shows great kindness.
    Mailys Bard
    Mailys Bard
    I very much like what Guil's proposes, between these different content on different platforms and these newsletters with always relevant information. His knowledge is precious and offers new perspectives in the management of my musical project. I recently took part in his spotify challenge and this one was particularly interesting, with clear spots and objectives .

    Find all the testimonies of past artists before you here 👉


    If you wish to finance your own funds training, payment in 2 or 4 times!
    Are you a job seeker, beneficiary of social minimums, retired or student? Enjoy the solidarity rates!

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