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Booking, Promotion, Social Networks, Structure etc.

The Training for Independent Artists and Musicians

E-learning: follow the trainings at your own pace and start when you want (excluding financing)

Training practice, concrete and Realistic.

Feedback from experience experts to save time

Everything presented in the trainings has been tested

Digital +s: possibility to return to modules, access updates, workable computer, tablet or mobile training.

Access to training and updates is "life".

🏆 Plus in Premium accesses:

Access to challenges organised each year at preferential prices

1 30-minute coaching offered

ACCOMPANYING during the Monthly Lives with DIY Musicians

Access to the private space with exchanges, collaborations, springboard/concert announcements etc.

All themes for success

  • Musical Marketing,
  • Gaining revenue from Music,
  • Streaming,
  • Music release strategies
  • Fanbase
  • Promotion
  • Online advertising,
  • Booking,
  • Social networks,
  • Financing, etc.

Adapted even for beginners

Pedagogical training to allow you to start from 0 or develop new skills to succeed your musical projects.

The private community to be no longer alone.

Access to the private community fans Premium access: the private group is a group of exchange, motivation, sharing of news and news about the musical community.

Contents in French.


Guil的s Records is a French training organization that offers you adapted programs, whether you are artists in France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Switzerland or Luxembourg.


The Comprehensive training DIY Musicians

Eligible training CPF, Pôle Emploi, Afdas pour musicians, artistes indépendants, streaming, hypedit, groove, promotion musicale, livestream, Twitch, Facebook live, Youtube live, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, develop its fanbase, crowdfunding campaign

Become a Musician Entrepreneur

Structure, Booking, Release Strategy, Online Advertising, Fanbase, everything you need to know to get your musical project off the ground and earn revenue with music.

digital communication and social networks music

Communication and Social Networks

How to define your strategy, identify networks to use, create and optimize your pages, animate your pages, communicate with storytelling and understand algorithms?

guitarist and piano musician Guil's records

Become a Musician Entrepreneur (Hors France)

Do you live in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium or Canada?

I have prepared for you an adapted version of the training BECOME MUSICIAN ENTREPRENEUR!

No blablabla! No secrets or magic hacks!

Practical and field-tested training.

Today, the SMCS, MJCs, Arts Schools (like the MAI) in France trust me to lead courses and workshops around Music Business. Why? Because I know what I'm talking about, I'm realistic and concrete. I've also been a musician for about 20 years.

I also update the training modules as soon as a change occurs on the topics mentioned, or when new skills are acquired (new Facebook advertising platform, new strategies tested, new regulation on structuring etc.).

bagem plus

What the DIY Musicians Say

And you, what can Guils Records do for you?

Find all the testimonies of past artists before you here 👉

The Modules DIY Musicians

These modules are included in the Full Formation "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur". You can also buy them individually.

Winning his Crowdfunding campaign

Ready to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund your musical project?

Facebook/Instagram Advertising for Musicians

There are several ways to touch your fans with your music.

One of the most effective ways is ... Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Youtube Ads to promote your video clips

How to effectively promote your videos on Youtube? How to recover subscribers on Youtube? How to make your super fan audience with Youtube ads?


How to prepare your start: what to charge, how to charge, tools to present to the organizers, how to build your database, what tools to help, when and how to approach. With many models of contracts, fact sheets, riders, deals and ideas for musical performances to offer.

Streaming, promotion and music release strategy

Find out how to distribute your music, prepare your release backplanning and use Spotify (and other platforms) to attract audiences, and turn them into fans to sell your music with this online training.

5 days to develop your mailing list

Do you know that your fan email base is worth a thousand times more than the number of subscribers or views on your social media? 

I show you from A to Z how to build your strategy, with my results, and how to launch your newsletter in an automated way to save as much time as possible.

HYPEDDIT: Boost your Streams and Followers

Hypedit helps artists get more fans, followers and streams for their music. Whether it's on Spotify or to acquire more fans in your email base, hypedit is there for you!

With the agreement of the founder, John Gold, I offer you his training in French, with my own tests and experience.

Developing His Audience

How do you know your audience, what to say, what to communicate, and how to sell your music to him? Discover the INDISPENSIBLE bases to know so your musical project can take off.


What status? Association? Self-business? Intermittence ?I explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each status, based on the regulations, to allow you to exercise your musical activity legally.


Your Trainer

Guilaine robin leader guil's records and creator of the DIY musicians community

I am Guilaine Robin, Musician, Author Composer. I am also the author of the books "The Essentials of Musicians' Rights", "Digital Communication and Social Networks in Music" and "Emailing for Artists". He regularly held workshops with SMACS in France, and the Music Business course at the Music Academy International.

I know the scene. I know the music world. I know your doubts. I know your fears. I know your joys. I know your blockages. Because what you feel and live, I also felt and lived. Until I decide to move, train, advance, understand the system to finally develop my network and my musical activity.

This training program helps you start and grow your project. With the DIY Musician community to help each other, and regular live performances. You're no longer alone. We're moving together! If you're a manager, or a label that will accompany artists? These courses will also suit you.

Questions about Guil's Records, DIY Musicians, services and training? Find the answers in the DIY MUSICIAN FAQ


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