DIY Musicians FAQ®

In this FAQ, you will find answers to your questions about the various services and services, vocational training and promotional campaigns of Guils Records.

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You will find feedback and testimonials from artists who have attended the trainings or called upon my services on:



  • you access it when you wish
  • You can come back to it any way you like.
  • you can attend the monthly lives if you have any questions, or take coaching when you need it in your project
  • you have the updates
  • take advantage of the private Facebook group with sharing news, news, regular advice

Disadvantage : you must complete the training according to a specific duration on contract if you pass through a financing (CPF, Pôle Emploi, OPCO)

If you're already well advanced, some modules might seem long.

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  • we're dealing with specific points, specific issues in relation to your project's progress.
  • you don't have to take full training to answer 2-3 questions
  • you choose the duration of the appointment according to your needs
  • less expensive for counseling, faster than training
  • more punctual

Disadvantage You have to anticipate your appointments according to my availability, and your project. For example, making an appointment in May to release an EP in June, with 0 strategy or audience already in place will not be of great use.

If you are not already well advanced in your project, and in your technical skills, you will need to take several coachings, which can quickly reach the price of training.

Reserve your place for coaching

A challenge is not a training.

The first difference is duration. Training is a process of learning and acquiring skills over the medium-long term. A challenge is over a shorter period with specific actions to be put in place to achieve a goal: increase streams, subscribers, audience engagement etc.

The challenge Don't learn how to do it. It's an action of how to do it. The technical side is taught in training or workshop.

The training also includes practical introductions, and the challenges are offered free of charge to members of the training "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur".

The workshops are mini training courses going to the essential.



– Live (or Replay)

– We can exchange during the workshop

– Shorter, more condensed

– No replay


– More comprehensive

– Financial (CPF, OPCO)

– Online content therefore possibility to return regularly

– Regular updates

– Possible exchanges on the Facebook private group or by email/telephone

– Facebook group mutual aid between DIY musicians

The challenge:

– Available contents the duration of the challenge

– Live or replay

– Implementation and practice of knowledge acquired in training, workshops or outside

– Duration over 3 to 14 days with missions to achieve each day to achieve the goal (e.g. Increase your YouTube views, increase your Streams and Spotify subscribers etc.)

On the training presentation page, you have trainings and modules available at the unit.

The 3 major formations of Guil's Records are:

  • Become a Musician Entrepreneur
  • Mastering the broadcast of pro concerts online
  • Twitch for musicians

Under these trainings, you have a section entitled "The Modules available individually or in Pack".

These modules are included in the Star training "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur". Sometimes artists do not want to follow all the training and are interested only in certain modules. I therefore propose the modules of the training "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur" in the form of a pack or unit also.

The advantage of going through full training is that it can be financed. The individual modules are not individually funded. Only a few packs are (this is specified next to each pack).

Guil's Records is my whole world: the service label, music production, various services and services, training.

Musician DIY® is the community I launched in 2020. I wanted to differentiate between the main company and the community around DIY Musicians. I was looking for a landmark, a common name, an identification of our whole "tribe", something recognizable and specific to all artists who feel independent artists. Musician DIY® is entirely part of Guil's records and therefore designates you, the artists who follow the blog, the content, the trainings.


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Vocational training can be financed through your CPF ( or via your OPCO (AFDAS, Pôle Emploi etc. more about Training of OPCO-eligible Independent Musicians).

Training eligible for funding is indicated on

In case of doubt, or questions about the operation and funding procedures, you can write to me about or take rdv to exchange on your project on the contact page.

The funded training takes place in a session provided for in the training contract.

For the training "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur", it is necessary to schedule, about 6 to 9 hours a week. The training takes place on a 30-day contract and lasts 36 hours in total.

For the training "Structuration and Booking", it is necessary to provide, about 4 hours a week. The training takes place on a 10-day contract and lasts a total of 8 hours.

Training is in elearning. You access it according to your rhythm, at the time of the day you want.

Once the training is completed on the scheduled session dates, all exercises and quizzes are validated, and the funding provided by your organization, you retain "life" access to the training and its updates.

For training without funding, you do not have time to follow up on the training.

Absolutely. During your training, I am at your side. You can contact me by email, phone during the timetables provided by the educational accompaniment. You can also ask questions about the training platform and the private community.

Every month, you can attend the monthly live show to chat with me and the other DIY musicians. It's a time for sharing and exchanging strategies, advice, good practices and support.

Twice a month, you can also join collaborative working groups.

For the training BECOME MUSICIEN ENTERPRENEUR version PREMIUM, an individual coaching of 30 minutes is offered.

Prerequisites for the training "Becoming a Musician Entrepreneur" are:

  • Having a musical artistic project under development
  • Be a project promoter

It is advisable for all training courses to have:

  • Basic knowledge of the use of the computer tool (keyboard, mouse)
  • Knowledge of the basics of Internet use (navigation, search, e-mail)
  • Ability to use digital tools personally
  • Know how to read and write, hear, speak and understand French.

The training is there, precisely, to enable you to develop your skills and develop your musical project. You will learn all the basics of marketing strategies, promotion and use of technological tools.

These trainings are built by a musician (me), who has trained herself on all these subjects and tested everything that is learned in the training.

I consider myself, like you, a DIY musician. I started the music very young, and I wish I had all that information 20 years back. Today, I know what is missing from artists like me. We learn to become professional musicians, but not to sell ourselves.

I have trained a lot with anglosaxons, who have more advanced techniques than in France.

I'm so realistic, and I'm never gonna make you believe you're going to live music in three months. It is a long process to develop. No renowned artist has been successful in 3 months. Or a one-day buzz and he falls into oblivion.

My training is concrete and technical. I'll show you everything. I'm doing it with you. I give you many possible strategies. And I make them evolve over time following the new results obtained.

Today, I give many workshops in SMACS, and Music Business courses at the Music Academy International (MAI). I am recognized for my pedagogical qualities, as well as the technicality of learning.

By taking the training seriously, and applying everything you learn little by little, you will see your audience grow after 6 months to a year, according to your pace. Everything around - booking, merchandising, rights etc. - and that allows you to recover income, will be done in parallel with the development of your visibility.

Yes, you will have access to the replays. Each live is available on the training platform. And to make life easier for you, I note the topics seen in each of our meetings with DIY Musicians, so you can find yourself there.

The prices of my training are on an average hourly rate of vocational training which you will find at all the registered training bodies, such as Pôle Emploi (about 35 euros per hour). It should be borne in mind that not all those who offer "training" on the net are necessarily declared training bodies, and do not comply with legal obligations and qualifications (mandatory to obtain funding).

Did you know, for example, that to be able to talk about "Training", you must be reported to DREETS as an organization and have its NDA (Activity Reporting Number). Outside, many "trainers" do not have any training to do this, nor do they have a reporting number. The risk is to buy them training, and lose all your access in case of DREETS control.

I have a Training Activity Report Number (which you will find in the footer of the site) and Qualiopi Certification. This certification means that every year I have a follow-up audit and then renewal audits to ensure that my training organization follows the quality processes to bring transparency, follow-up, seriousness, quality to my trainees and to those who wish to learn about my services. Training organizations are accountable. This should also reassure you when you contact a registered organization.

In my rates are included: educational engineering of training (construction of training, needs assessment), filming and editing of videos and content, online updating, updates, follow-up of trainees, teaching support, monthly lives, and all the administrative.

Someone who offers training at 49 euros for the same "work" is surely in abuse and excessive promotion (avoid "training at 49 euros instead of 2745 euros with 15,000 euros of value in addition") which is illegal. At 49 euros, you will certainly not have professional follow-up and training updates. And if the company has control, you will lose access to the training purchased. Moreover, as mentioned above, and in view of the burdens of a company, you can be certain that these "entrepreneurs" are often illegal (not declared as a training organisation) and do not live from this activity. As a musician, would you pay for your four-hour service at 49 euros? We agree.

For funded training, you keep access to the training platform after the contract dates if you have completed all the required exercises, validated your training and the funding has been accepted.

For unfunded training, you keep access "for life" from the moment the purchase is confirmed.

For access to the DIY Musicians' private group and replays, the duration of access is indicated on the page of each training.

It would be a lie to you to say yes. No one can guarantee a result. It is as if you follow a diet program, no one can guarantee you the weight you will lose because it will depend on many factors: morphology, genetics, serious follow-up etc.

For these trainings, what I can guarantee you is that I have tested what I am teaching you. I show what works and what didn't work. I put in place, for example, promotional campaigns and show you the results. All you have to do is follow the process. But, I can't guarantee you'll get 100% the same results. Maybe you'll reach less, maybe you'll get more. Because, as with the example of the regime, many factors can affect the results: you have each different audience, different messages, different musical genres, advertising platforms sometimes have bugs, or changing auctions depending on the time of year etc.

There is also the "work" factor. If you don't put the actions in place, nothing will happen by magic. It will take seriousness, perseverance to achieve results. What I can tell you is that work always pays.

No worries, by registering now, you follow the training at your own pace and start as soon as you want. The training is available in e-learning, i.e. online.

However, if you decide to use funding for your training – Employment, Afdas or other cluster – there are follow-up conditions. You will need to complete the online training during a session set together by contract. After the completed session, OK exercises and past certification, you keep lifetime access to the training and its updates.

The 3/4 of training participants have a fairly tight schedule, work next door, or have a busy family life. That's why you have a wide lead time – 30 working days for 36 hours of training, or 6 hours a week.

It is enough to organise well, to schedule the time in its planning and to do the training within the time allowed.

You have the Private Group where I respond quickly. You can also contact me by email in the defined times of teaching support. I also make regular lives to exchange all together.

Before any online registration process, you will need to take rdv with your advisor to present your project and need training. We can, on request, send you the quote and program to provide to your advisor.e.

Once he/she validates the application, we initiate the procedure.

Plan 2 months before the desired start date of training to start the administrative file.