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Guilaine robin leader guil's records and creator of the DIY musicians community

Guilaine Robin

Head of Guils Records
Musician, Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur

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Contact Mail: – Tel. : 0756952982

For training:

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm 

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Some references and Press

    • SAE Training Paris Institute Music Producer 2003 / Trainings booking, music marketing, online advertising to several American and English trainers.
    • Musician and singer (Resolute Bay, The Woods, Reflecting Machine ...)
    • Referenced on NOTION for Release Master tool
    • Collaborations on GETASOUND, SOUNDBETTER since 2018
    • Compositions and musical arrangements for various artists
    • Organisation Festivals "Playing For Change Lorraine" and "Couarail dans ton Canap"
    • Google ads certification for video advertisements (2021)

    The little story...

      Who's behind Guils Records?

      Guilaine launched her independent Lorrain label in 2019.

      A well-informed musician, passionate about other artists who give with their soul but dare not push the door of a studio to burn their songs, Guilaine wants to launch a local label in 2019 to allow anyone to record their music, or models to have in his pocket a medium to present for their advertising or access record companies. In no way compared to the great studios of the region, without pretension, Guil的s Records is there to bring to emerging artists, or not yet thinking of artist, an accompaniment in their first studio recordings, with confidence and help to bring out what is in their guts. Guils Records is above all a human and artistic adventure. Guil的s Records it's a petit label and a petit Home Studio Cosy to feel at home, let your art speak in confidence knowing that your artistic freedom will be respected. For larger music groups or those looking for a pro and ambitious course, we will advise you on larger studios in the region.

      But above all, Composer and arranger, Guilaine will also be able to accompany and arrange your texts in music, or bring to your institutional videos, jingles a sound background to give them the necessary dimension and bring value to your brand.

      In 2020, with the health crisis, the label moved towards the model of service labels: coaching, accompaniment of artists in the development of their musical projects, promotion, musical marketing and training for independent artists.

      Some Partners of Musical Industry, Current Music Scenes and Living Arts:

      the queen is dead records
      National Library of France
      mythrid art
      the other channel nancy
      BAM Metz
      music academy international nancy
      MJC against greenun current
      music law
      tunecore guil's records
      distrokid guil's records
      Would you like a free phone appointment for information on the training or services offered by Guil's Records?
      sunsunstudio independant graphics

      Thibault Clips Videos : Thibault is an accomplished artist, a member of the DIY music community. It offers you its services of making video clips to highlight your music. As he states: "Simple but beautiful clips in DIY. Being demanding and ethical. Avoiding unnecessary spending and trying to be close to the artist of his storytelling and most of the time his roots.« 

      It offers 20% discount with codeGUILSTRICORDS20 for artists whom I accompany and who would need videos. Possible achievements: clips, teaser live, capture live

      Sunsun Studio Graphic Design :

      Sun is a great and talented girl, who realizes your graphic design: Album pockets, concert or show posters, press-book, website- social networks, logo, EPK, merchandising...
      In more, she is also a musician 🙂